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Did Remote Working Make Cybercriminals’ Lives Easy?

With remote work becoming the new normal, organizations globally are getting used to secure the work devices virtually. While the entire working community fit...

WFH Concern! 73% of Executives Worried About Distributed Workforce Risks

Cybersecurity management firm Skybox Security stated that 73% of security and IT executives across the globe are concerned about new vulnerabilities and risks introduced...

Old Unpatched Vulnerabilities Could Invoke Cyberattacks and Malware

The “new normal” business operations left most organizations vulnerable to new attack vectors. From database misconfigurations to unpatched vulnerabilities, organizations suffered several challenges in...

Remote Workforce: New Normal or Digital Normal? [INFOGRAPHIC]

2020 has brought many new changes to the world, including new ways of working under social distancing. Working remotely has been increasingly available to...