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Deception Tactics in Cybersecurity: Human Lab Rat

Deception has been a defense strategy in military and intelligence programs for hundreds of years. As cybersecurity techniques mature, we continue to borrow proven...

What’s Your Perimeter? Network, Identity, or Endpoint?

The answer depends on which era did you ask this question. From the 90s to the noughties the answer was “Network” since every critical...

What Early Adopters Need to Know About SASE

Last year, Gartner introduced the term Secure Access Service Edge or SASE in their technology hype cycle. Almost immediately, it grabbed enormous attention from...

Nearly 70 Percent of Organizations Globally Suffered IoT Attacks: Survey

A recent survey from security firm, Extreme Networks, revealed that organizations remain highly vulnerable to IoT-based attacks. The research, which surveyed 540 security professionals...

The Future of AI in Cybersecurity

By Dick Wilkinson, C|CISO The buzzword for 2019 that we have all heard a thousand times is Artificial Intelligence, AI. This term has been placed...