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Dutch Researcher Claims Google’s US$100,000 Bug Bounty

In August 2020, Google introduced an annual bug bounty or vulnerability reward program (VRP) for its Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Sighting under-representation of research...

6.9 Million Dutch Donors Face Identity Theft Scare

Earlier this week, BRIC, an implementing body of the ministry that manages the Dutch donor register, informed Hugo de Jonge, the Dutch Minister of...

Google Announced US$1 Million for its “Be Internet Awesome” Initiative

Google recently announced that it’s going to spend US$1 million to bring awareness on data privacy and internet security across the sub-Saharan Africa region....

Maastricht University Pays 30 Bitcoins as Ransom to TA505 Group

Maastricht University (UM), in a press release, revealed that it has paid a ransom of 30 bitcoins for unlocking the servers and systems compromised...

Netherlands to hold referendum on controversial law in March 2018

Four months after the controversial referendum law was passed, the Netherlands is all set to hold a non-binding referendum in March 2018 over the...