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Another Web Skimming Attack! Hackers Use Telegram to Pilfer Card Data

Cybercriminals constantly adopt new attack techniques to implement their malicious activities. Recently, Magecart attackers implemented a new web skimming technique by leveraging the popular...

Data Security Alert! American Payroll Association Suffers Web Skimming Attack

The American Payroll Association (APA) disclosed it was a victim of a data breach on July 13, 2020, which affected its employees and customers’...

99% of Websites Are Prone to Cyberattacks Via JavaScript Plug-Ins: Report

A survey from the web application security provider Tala Security revealed that cybercriminals are exploiting security vulnerabilities in websites to launch client-side attacks like...

Magecart Hacking Group Arrested in Indonesia

Indonesian Police and Interpol recently arrested three men who belong to Magecart hacking group for involvement in Magecart attacks. The police officials stated that...

RAT Attack: Double Whammy

A new malware recently surfaced with a very low detection rate and capability of delivering multiple Trojans to infect computers. The researchers from Fortinet...