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Ireland DPC fine on WhatsApp

Ireland Data Regulator Fines WhatsApp $266 Mn Over GDPR Violations

Days after suffering a malware attack, WhatsApp now faced a massive penalty from Ireland's Data Privacy Commissioner (DPC) with a €225 million ($266 million)...

Attackers Use Fake FMWhatsapp to Spread Triada Trojan

From data privacy violations to fake applications, WhatsApp has been in the news for various reasons since the beginning of 2021. The popular instant...

Scam Alert! U.K. Police Warn WhatsApp Users Over Account Takeover Attacks

Whether it is about policy violations or unauthorized intrusions by hackers, WhatsApp has been in the news since the beginning of 2021. After a...
WhatsApp and Indian governmentWhatsapp Hack

The Curious Case of WhatsApp and Government of India Highlights the Broader Traceability Concerns

Facebook-owned WhatsApp and the Indian government have been at loggerheads since January this year. However, with no party ready to back down, the WhatsApp...
WhatsApp and Indian governmentWhatsapp Hack

Indian Government Gives 7-days to WhatsApp for Privacy Policy Roll Back

WhatsApp has recently been in a slew of legal battles in India over its latest privacy policy changes. However, it has now been served...
WhatsApp Pink and Fake Facebook Messenger

WhatsApp Pink and Fake Facebook Messenger Scams Explained

Cybercriminals often target businesses that hold large amounts of users’ sensitive information. And social networking services like Facebook and WhatsApp always top the list...

WhatsApp Trialing Encrypted Chat Backups?

WhatsApp has been feeling the heat of governments and its users for quite some time now. Be it for the “discriminatory policy” labeled by...

This Vulnerability made WhatsApp and Telegram Account Takeover Possible: Check Point

Chat service provider WhatsApp and its competitors like Telegram have always maintained that their products provide end-to-end encryption (E2EE). But the recent turn of...
WhatsApp and Indian governmentWhatsapp Hack

Researcher Finds New Android Malware Spreading Via WhatsApp Messages

Researchers have uncovered a new Android malware that disguises itself as a WhatsApp message to spread across victims’ contact lists.  According to Lukas Stefanko,...

Indian Government Asks WhatsApp to Withdraw its “Discriminatory” Policy

In the latest saga of WhatsApp’s changes in its data sharing policy, the Indian Government has written a letter to WhatsApp CEO, Will Cathcart,...