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Data Erasure, Privacy

The Importance of Data Erasure to Safeguard Data Security

By Sunil Chandna, Co-Founder and CEO, Stellar  Data is growing at an incredible pace and this trend is expected to go steeper in the coming...
zero trust

Thwarting Graboid and Protecting Containers with Zero Trust

By Dan Perkins, director of product management, Edgewise Networks Recently, security researchers discovered a new worm that targets unsecured Docker daemons that are exposed to...
Digital Transformation

1,000 percent increase in DNS amplification attacks since 2018

By Augustin Kurian The second quarter of 2019 saw a major swelling of DNS amplification attacks reaching a whopping 1,000 percent spike. The report...
Misconfigured AWS S3 Bucket Exposes PII of up to 350,000 SSL247 Customers

Unprotected Database Exposes Millions of Facebook users’ Contact Numbers

An unprotected server hosting a database leaked millions of Facebook users’ phone numbers online. According to TechCrunch, the server wasn’t password-protected, allowing anyone to...
Indian bus

Unprotected ElasticSearch server exposes location data of 11,000 Indian buses

An unsecured Elasticsearch database exposed the real-time location data for over 11,000 Indian buses online over three weeks. ElasticSearch, an enterprise search engine, provides...

Unprotected ElasticSearch server exposes data of 57 million Americans

An unprotected Elasticsearch database exposed personal details of 57 million U.S. citizens for almost two weeks. Bob Diachenko, Director of Cyber Risk Research at...