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WhisperGate malware campaign, Flagpro malware, MosaicLoader Malware, drinik

Microsoft Finds New Malware Targeting Organizations in Ukraine

Microsoft’s security experts identified a novel malware campaign targeting several IT, non-profit, and government organizations based in Ukraine. Tracked as WhisperGate, the activities of...
Patchwork BADNEWS, APT31 threat group

BADNEWS for Hackers! Patchwork Group Expose Themselves in Malware Campaign

Not only users but cybercriminals also become victims of their mistakes sometimes. An India-based threat actor group dubbed Patchwork, which targeted users and government...
Konni Malware, North Korean threat actors target AstraZeneca

North Korean Hackers Greet Russian Diplomats with Malware

Security experts uncovered a North Korean-linked cyberespionage group targeting Russian embassy diplomats with weaponized email attachments. Dubbed Konni, the threat actor group reportedly sent...
Redline malware, Gummy Browsers attack

Redline Malware Campaign Reveals Risks of Saving Passwords in Browsers

Today’s browsers have an auto-login feature that saves passwords for frequently used online services. While saving passwords in browsers is convenient, it is not...
WhisperGate malware campaign, Flagpro malware, MosaicLoader Malware, drinik

Chinese Linked Cyberespionage APT Spreads Flagpro Malware

Security experts uncovered a new malware campaign from BlackTeck, a Chinese cyberespionage APT group. According to a report from NTT Security, the group targeted...
Malware and Vulnerability Trends Report, Mobile malware threats

Researchers Uncover New Malware Campaign Spreading ‘Blister’ Payload

Cybersecurity researchers from Elastic Security uncovered a new malware campaign exploiting valid code signing certificates to evade security defenses and deploy a novel malware...
MaliciousItaú Unibanco app,Web Application Security, web application attacks

New Malware Discovered With Brazil’s Itaú Unibanco Bank App

Leveraging counterfeit apps to trick users and deploy malware on the targeted devices is a common attack vector for malware authors. Security experts Cyble...
cryptocurrencies, Echelon Malware

Echelon Malware Posted on Cryptocurrency Trading Telegram Channel Targets Crypto Wallets

SafeGuard Cyber discovered a sample of the Echelon Malware targeting crypto wallets and user accounts credentials. The researchers detected the malware on a cryptocurrency...
joker malware, joker, malware, Android malware

Joker Malware Resurfaces; Over 500,000 Android Users Affected

Breaking into users’ devices via malicious applications is one of the common tactics used by malware authors. Recently, security experts from Pradeo uncovered a...
WhisperGate malware campaign, FluBot malware

Finland Warns About ‘Flubot’ Malware Spread Via SMS

FluBot – an infamous banking malware that affected thousands of users across Australia and the U.K. – is now active in Finland. In an official...