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one million card data exposed

Over 4 Mn Payment Card Details Hawked on Dark Web

Financial information like credit/debit card and bank account numbers continue to be peddled on underground dark web markets. Threat actor groups and other cybercriminal...
zero-day vulnerabilities

Zero-Day Exploits on High Demand on Dark Web

While security admins struggle to address the significant risks from unpatched vulnerabilities, adversaries are becoming more advanced and finding new ways to exploit security...
Shipping and Logistic companies

Login Credentials of Shipping and Logistics Firms Being Traded on Dark Web

Cybercriminals have extended their cyberattack targets ranging from supply chains to critical infrastructures. While some threat actors try to penetrate vital network systems and...
digital assets on dark web forums, Know the Worth of Your Data on the Dark Web Price Index 2021

3 Digital Assets That Are High in Demand on Dark Web Forums

The demand for trading sensitive stolen data and other malicious activities has reached new highs across underground dark web marketplaces. The global pandemic and related...

BloodyStealer Steals Gamers’ Account Data to Sell on Dark Web Forums

Kaspersky researchers have discovered an advanced Trojan, called the BloodyStealer, sold on darknet forums and used to harvest gamers’ accounts across widely used gaming...
Fortinet VPN, VPN, VPN devices

500,000 Fortinet VPN Credentials Leaked on Dark Web Forum

A previously patched Fortinet VPN vulnerability has again been exploited. The threat actor, identified as “Orange,” allegedly exploited the Fortinet CVE-2018-13379 vulnerability and leaked...
one million card data exposed

Details of 1 Mn International Credit Cards Exposed on Dark Web

Cybercriminals often monitor users’ financial activities to steal information that can be used to open fake accounts. They also trade sensitive financial data such...
covid-19 vaccine, vaccine

On Sale! Fake Vaccines and Bogus COVID Results Flood Dark Web

While the world is in rush to get vaccinated against Coronavirus, opportunistic criminals are misusing the situation to spread fake COVID-19 vaccines. Anne An,...
Ransomware gangs

34 Ransomware Operators Flood Dark Web with Stolen Data of 2,155 Victim Organizations

Cybercriminals often change their hacking tactics to get access to users’ sensitive information. Earlier ransomware operators only focused on encrypting critical systems and demand...
digital assets on dark web forums, Know the Worth of Your Data on the Dark Web Price Index 2021

Know the Worth of Your Data on the Dark Web Price Index 2021

Ever wondered what happens to your stolen data? Most of the leaked/stolen personal information like credit card numbers, bank usernames and passwords, and social...