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ransomware, ryuk ransomware, cox media

Cox Media Group Validates Ransomware Attack that Pulled Down its Broadcasts

On June 3, 2021, American media company Cox Media Group (CMG) experienced a cyberattack in which the malicious threat actor encrypted the network servers...
paying ransom, Conti Ransomware Attacks

Conti Ransomware Attacks on Rise – CISA, FBI, NSA Issue Joint Alert

Increased use of Conti ransomware in more than 400 attacks on the U.S. and international organizations has been observed by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure...
Ransomware Attack on NEW Cooperative

BlackMatter Group Demands $5.9 Mn Ransom After Attacking NEW Cooperative

While the Biden administration is severely trying to curb ransomware attacks, threat actors continue to target the critical infrastructures in the country. Farm services...
Accenture ransomware attack, South Africa Justice Department

South Africa’s Department of Justice Network Under Ransomware Attack

The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development of South Africa admitted that its IT systems and operations were disrupted in a ransomware attack. The...
Microsoft, Cyberattack on Olympus

Olympus Confirms Cyberattack Affected Sales and Manufacturing Networks

Not only health care providers, organizations that provide health care technology also become vulnerable to cyberattacks. Medical technology provider Olympus admitted that it had...
Harness Your System, Free Decryptor, federal government, cybersecurity

3 Ways the Federal Government Is Using Technology to Advance Cybersecurity

When it comes to cybersecurity, the federal government is putting out fires every day — and it can be exhausting. Like most organizations, the...
ransomware, fonix, fonix ransomware, Cybereason Partners with Intel for Hardware-Enabled Ransomware Prevention, Kronos

Ransomware Vulnerabilities That Could Bring Down Your Organization

Today, 266 vulnerabilities are associated with ransomware, and attackers are increasingly exploiting these weaknesses to launch devastating ransomware attacks. Therefore, identifying and remediating these...
Microsoft, Cyberattack on Olympus

Top 10 Common Types of Network Security Attacks Explained

The risk of network security attacks is mounting as businesses transition to a remote work environment and embrace sophisticated technology. The IT (Information Technology) and...
learn ethical hacking

How to Learn Ethical Hacking from Scratch and Start Your Career

As businesses and government organizations face increasing risks of cyber threats in the digitalization era, the interest to learn ethical hacking programs has increased. The demand for these...
zero-trust, Counter-Ransomware Meeting , Biden Administration and Tech Giants

Biden Administration and Tech Giants Come Together to Raise Bar on Cybersecurity

Mitigating the rising cyberthreat landscape has become a national priority for the Biden Administration. Several government agencies and private tech companies such as Google,...