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FragAttacks on Wi-Fi connected devices

Multiple Flaws Expose Wi-Fi Connected Devices to FragAttacks

Different vulnerabilities affect devices in different ways. They often allow cybercriminals to infiltrate into vulnerable systems to steal sensitive information or compromise devices. Recently,...
FragAttacks on Wi-Fi connected devices

Spoofed Wi-fi: A Major Threat to Your Device Security

Public hotspots are great. No matter whether there’s an issue with your service provider or you simply don’t want to waste your data plan,...
FragAttacks on Wi-Fi connected devices

How to Secure Your Home Wi-Fi Network

The Wi-Fi router has become the most important gadget in every household as most employees are currently working from home. Remote workers require endpoint...
Home Routers for botnets

Kr00k Vulnerability Allows Wi-Fi Packet Decryption

At the ongoing RSA Conference USA 2020 in San Francisco, ESET, an antivirus company, shed light on Kr00k vulnerability that is affecting around a...
APT31 threat group

Dragonfly lets hackers steal WPA3 Wi-Fi passwords

The new Wi-Fi security protocol WPA3 is no longer secure. University researchers have discovered several new holes that enable hackers to steal Wi-Fi passwords....

Wi-Fi networks using WPA2 protocol vulnerable to KRACK attack: Research

Any device using Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2) encryption could allow nearby attackers to intercept and steal data transmitted across a Wi-Fi network, as...
SSID Stripping

Hackers Use SSID Stripping to Trick Users Into Joining Rogue APs

With the evolution of new threat actors and their latest attack vectors, the cyberthreat landscape is larger than expected.  Security experts from AirEye recently...
Man-in-the-Middle Attack

What is Man-in-the-Middle Attack and How to Prevent them

Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks are gaining importance in the cyberattack landscape as threat actor groups are leveraging it more often to harvest users’ sensitive data...
DDoS Attacks , DDoS Attack on Yandex

Meris Botnet Hits Russian Search Engine Yandex Again with 21.8 Mn RPS

The Russian internet service provider Yandex admitted that it had sustained a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack that temporarily affected its operations. The attack is...
sniffing attacks

What Are Sniffing Attacks and How to Defend Against Them

Sniffing attacks are gaining prominence among cybercriminals today to steal customer data and compromise network security. Sniffing attacks, a significant security risk, enable common...