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Ireland DPC fine on WhatsApp

Ireland Data Regulator Fines WhatsApp $266 Mn Over GDPR Violations

Days after suffering a malware attack, WhatsApp now faced a massive penalty from Ireland's Data Privacy Commissioner (DPC) with a €225 million ($266 million)...
GDPR Fines

EU Regulators Impose 661 GDPR Violation Fines Totaling €292 Mn to Date

Ever since the General Data Protection Regulation Act (GDPR) was introduced, the data regulators in the European Union (EU) have imposed sizable penalties on...

How does the GDPR impact business marketing and customer engagement?

The enforcement of GDPR Regulation has a far-reaching implication on businesses globally. The regulation does not just affect the way business is conducted but...

How Does GDPR Regulation Help in Data Protection and Data Privacy?

General Data Protection Regulation Act is a popular and widely accepted EU law that is concerned with the data protection and privacy of citizens...
GDPR fines in 2020

EU Regulators Imposed over €272.5 Mn in GDPR Fines to Date

Ever since the GDPR guidelines were launched (May 25, 2018), the data regulators in European Union (EU) have imposed sizable penalties on various organizations...
Marriott International’s Data Breach Exposes Records of 5.2 Million Guests

Marriott International Slapped with $123 Mn GDPR Fine for 2014 Data Breach

The U.K.’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) imposed £18.4 million ($23.92 million) fine on Marriott International Inc. for violating the GDPR guidelines. The data privacy...
GDPR Fines

These are the Two Key Reasons Behind 65% of GDPR Fines

New analysis from data discovery firm Exonar revealed that organizations across Europe have suffered over £313 million (US$404 million) in GDPR fines for failing...
GDPR fines in 2020

Second Largest GDPR Fine! H&M Fined €35.2 Mn for Violating Employees’ Data

Popular fashion retailer Hennes & Mauritz Online Shop A.B. & Co KG (H&M) was fined €35.2 (US$41.1 million) by the Hamburg Commissioner for Data...
GDPR fines in 2020

Four Biggest GDPR Fines of 2020

Marriott International encountered a London class action from millions of its former guests claiming compensation after their personal information was compromised in a massive...
GDPR fines in 2020

GDPR Data Breach Notifications Rise by 66% Across Europe

A survey by multinational law firm Linklaters revealed that GDPR-related data breach notifications across European countries have increased by 66%, compared to the first...