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Cisco, IBM team up to fight cybercrime

Cisco and IBM have entered a partnership to combat global cyber threats. The major partnering wings will be IBM X-Force and Cisco Talos security. As...
Lapse in Pfizer’s Security Exposes PII of U.S. Prescription Drug Users

Cyber Crime Leads to Sensitive Patient-Data Leak

The network security of a cosmetic surgery facility in Lithuania was hacked by a group calling itself the “Tsar Team.”The group subsequently attempted to...

Disney hacking, a comical hoax

Ransomware has quite become the buzz word of 2017. The amount of attacks is preposterous, and every single day has become a date that...

ICERT opens 111 positions for infosec professionals

The Government of India has sanctioned 111 posts for cyber security professionals for the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (ICERT), which falls under the...

98% victims of WannaCry are Windows 7 users

The most common Windows is also the worst hit by the ransomware WannaCry attack. According to a research published by Kaspersky Lab, over 98...

North Korea denies accusations of conducting WannaCry attack

North Korea has rubbished the accusations that linked Pyongyang with the ransomware WannaCry cyberattack, calling it ‘ridiculous’. "Relating to the cyberattack, linking to the DPRK,...
Evil Internet Minute: 1.5 cyberattacks on Computers with an Internet Connection

A patch in time saves nine

Unpatched and outdated software are one of the biggest challenges of any cybersecurity corporation. The recent ransomware attack WannaCry made use of this vulnerability...

Hallowed be thy Cry

Ransomware WannaCry took the world by storm. From banking corporations to healthcare to federal agencies, everyone was affected. Top cybersecurity agencies deployed a slew...

WannaCry should be wakeup call

The global cyber-attack that crippled Britain's National Health Service and devastated businesses around the world on May 12th may be only the first in...

Less than 10 French companies hit by cyberattack

Fewer than 10 companies have fallen victim to the global hacking attack that hit hospitals, car factories, and other organizations in more than 150...