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45% of Indians Don’t Backup Their Information: Avast Survey

According to a new survey from Avast, a provider of digital security products, 45% of Indians don’t backup their data, as they don’t think...
Japan restricts foreign equipment and tech, Japan Embraces AI Tools to Fight Cyberattacks with US$237 mn Investment

Japanese Consumers in Panic Buying Mode for Face Masks; Become Victims of Phishing

The Japan Times reported that the Japan Cybercrime Control Center has raised the alerts for cybercrimes in Japan, triggered by hackers taking advantage over...
Verizon’s Chatbox Flaw Leaks Customers’ Personal Information

Cybercriminals Target Zoom Domains to Distribute Malware

With the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations across the world restricted their employees to work from home as part of social distancing and to prevent the...
Phishing Campaign on FINRA

“You’re Exposed to Coronavirus” Says Phishing Email

With cybercriminals taking advantage of the Coronavirus pandemic, we continue to see malware attacks, weaponized websites, and phishing attacks to trick people into opening...
99% of Websites Are Prone to Cyberattacks Via JavaScript Plug-Ins: Report

Indian Cybercrime Officials Release a List of Potentially Dangerous Coronavirus-related Domains

COVID-19 has affected several lives and businesses globally and is steadily increasing its spread. According to the government of India, the total number of...
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Hackers Launch Phishing Attack on World Health Organization

A hacker group targeted the World Health Organization (WHO) via a sophisticated phishing attack, which involved an email hosted on a phishing domain that...
Smishing attacks

Don’t Get Phished! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hackers have now set their sights on the global workforce working from home. Taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase...
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Cybercrime Will Cost the World US$6 Trillion by the End of the Year: Study

The global pandemic of COVID-19 will continue to have a massive impact on cyberspace. In fact, the damages caused by cybercrime is poised to...
Multiple Banks and Telecoms in Hungary Affected in a DDoS Attack

Attackers Launch DDoS Attack on Food Delivery Startup Liefrando

Precautionary measures to mitigate the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak led to swift change in the work life of the businesses and people globally. Social distancing...
COVID-19, Corona, Coronavirus

How Coronavirus is Impacting Cyberspace

These are interesting times – the world is witnessing an unprecedented onslaught of upheavals not just in the ‘real-world’ but also in the cyber...