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Insider Threats

Insiders Threats: The Achilles Heel of Organizations

Information security expert and author Jason Coulls often keeps an eye on cybersecurity issues related to Canadian banks and telecommunication companies in his spare...
personal data collection, Personal data. Data Privacy

Good Governance and Controls for Ensuring Data Privacy

There has been a misconception about privacy that confuses many people. People tend to share seemingly related or unrelated personal information online, such as...
WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram, WhatsApp alternatives

WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram: Which is More Viable and Secure?

WhatsApp recently introduced an updated privacy policy, which mandates all users to share their data with its parent company Facebook. As per the ominous-sounding...
cyber-tech trends

Seven Impactful Cyber-Tech Trends of 2020 and What it Means for 2021

Every year I like to research and commentate on the most impactful security technology and business happenings from the prior year. This year is...
Chinese actors target telecom

China Readies the First Draft of Personal Information Protection Law

In the past few years, China has been notoriously known to find ways to violate users’ data privacy. However, in a step towards strengthening...
FBI warns about fake domains

Find the Fake! FBI Warns About Spoofed Website Domain Names

The FBI is warning users to be vigilant about fraudulent websites impersonating FBI-related domain names. In a security release, the FBI stated that it...
Cybercriminals Abuse AI and ML for Launching Sophisticated Cyberattacks

How Cybercriminals Abuse AI and ML for Launching Sophisticated Cyberattacks

Threat actors can misuse advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to launch sophisticated cyberattacks and invent new kinds of malicious...
1Kosmos panel discussion

Make Passwords Great Again

CISO MAG recently hosted a panel discussion with Michael Engle, Chief Strategy Office, 1Kosmos; Christian Adam, MD Cybersecurity Technology, BNY Mellon; and Jerry Kowalski,...

Privacy Framework for XR and Spatial Computing Domain Launched

After VR, AR, and Mixed Reality (MR), Extended Reality (XR) and Spatial computing are gradually becoming the newer frontiers of advancements in the space...
xss vulnerability in UPS, Phishing Attack, spear phishing, phishing mails

Vaccine Released Against Phishing, Vishing, Smishing, and Identity Compromises

Have you ever responded to an unsolicited email from a barrister located in Western Africa who, out of the blue, contacted you? For some...