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WhatsApp video call can make you easy prey to cybercriminals: Research

A recent survey has discovered that answering a WhatsApp video call can compromise your smartphone. According to Natalie Silvanovich, a digital forensics expert at...
WhatsApp and Indian governmentWhatsapp Hack

Chinese hackers targeting WhatsApp, Indian Army warns users

The Indian Army has issued a warning to users of social messenger application, WhatsApp, alleging that Chinese hackers are targeting them to extract personal...
Friday Podcast, CISO MAG

The Friday Podcast: The Big Stories for the Week (8 October 2021)

In the Friday Podcast episode 6, we tell you about the big stories our cybersecurity editors produced this week. RSS: https://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:899202688/sounds.rss Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/7pBhvwEVAaL4uUJnzD5rWO October is designated as...
Facebook copyright complaint

Facebook Outage – Was it a BGP hijack?

Social media platforms are ingrained into the lives of billions of people across the globe and the unavailability of any one of them brings...
Modern CISO

A Day in the Life of a Modern CISO

Over the last two decades, the role of a CISO has gained significant importance for businesses. The life of a CISO can vary quite...

Attackers Found Leveraging Telegram App to Share Stolen Data

In addition to attacking techniques, cybercriminals often rely on various mediums to deploy/spread their malware or Trojans across targeted networks. Several threat actor groups...
Pegasus Spyware, Mobile Security, spyware

Pegasus Spyware – The Ghost in the Machine

The most trending cybersecurity news last month was about the Pegasus Spyware incident. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Pegasus; remember the...
Candiru DevilsTongue

DevilsTongue – A New Spyware from Israeli Company Candiru

Not all malware variants are available on underground darknet markets. Some criminal syndicates design and supply them, especially for state-sponsored cyberattacks. In a recent...
Smishing attacks

Don’t Click! That Meal Delivery SMS Might be Malicious

COVID-19 has impacted nearly every industry. Despite the restriction of movement during the pandemic, e-commerce and food delivery services boomed. While the demand for...
covid-19 vaccine, vaccine

On Sale! Fake Vaccines and Bogus COVID Results Flood Dark Web

While the world is in rush to get vaccinated against Coronavirus, opportunistic criminals are misusing the situation to spread fake COVID-19 vaccines. Anne An,...