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IRS Alerts U.S. Taxpayers About e-File Identity Theft via Phishing Attacks

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) had previously issued several warnings regarding scammers using the IRS name and/or logo to dupe people into giving access...
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Love is Blind but Cybercriminals Are Not! Valentine’s Day-themed Phishing Attacks on Rise

Like hardcore lovers who go the extra mile to fulfill their love-life goals, cybercriminals also try hard to accomplish their malicious operations. They always...
Phishing, phishing attacks

LogoKit Phishing Kit Found Running on 700 Unique Domains

Threat actors are investing more in phishing kits to simplify and expand their phishing activities. Cybercriminals are developing new phishing strategies and exploring different...
Phishing Campaign on FINRA

Five Phishing Baits You Need to Know [INFOGRAPHIC]

Protecting sensitive information from threat actors is a concern for both individuals and organizations. Despite their continuous efforts to secure digital assets, cybercriminals are...
Facebook Indicts Two Developers for Scraping Users’ Data, Europol

Mumbai Cyber Cell Busts Phishing Racket; Six Scammers Arrested

Mumbai Cyber Cell has arrested six scammers from Bhopal and its neighboring state West Bengal, who were running a cartel of duping individuals through...
phishing, Telegram bots and Google Forms used for phishing

Mobile Phishing: A Growing, but Preventable Threat

Mobile phishing is on the rise. And while most of us know what phishing is, let’s quickly define it to make sure we’re on...

Large Scale Phishing Operation: 615,000+ User Credentials Stolen Using Facebook Ads

Researchers from security firm ThreatNix found threat actors abusing Facebook ads in a massive phishing campaign to steal users’ login credentials. They stated that...
Hackers Target Office 365 Users with SurveyMonkey Phishing Campaign

Microsoft.com Spoofed in Spear Phishing Campaign; Microsoft 365 Users Targeted

Cybersecurity experts from Ironscales identified an organized spear phishing campaign targeting Microsoft 365 users in multiple business sectors including financial services, insurance, health care,...
Phishing Campaign on FINRA

FINRA Alerts About Yet Another Phishing Campaign Using Imposter Domain

The U.S. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) warned its brokerage firms about an ongoing phishing campaign targeting users to steal personal information. In a...
Phishing, phishing attacks

Hackers Evade Secure Email Gateways via Advanced Phishing Attacks

Cybercriminals are increasingly leveraging social engineering scams via sophisticated phishing techniques. According to a research from Ironscales, nearly 50% of all advanced phishing attacks...