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Trojans, RAT, remote access trojan, Snip3 Crypter-as-a-Service

Rise in RAT Campaigns Illustrates Growing Malware Threat

Ransomware has made more than its fair share of headlines in the past 18 months. It has become a top priority for C-Suites and...
Malware and Vulnerability Trends Report, Mobile malware threats

Malware and Vulnerability Trends Report: High-risk Vulnerabilities in Corporate Software Frequently Targeted

Since devices are connected to the internet more than ever before, exploiting vulnerabilities to cross privilege boundaries has become common. Recently, Recorded Future and...
Sardonic, BitMart

FIN8 Hackers Found Using Sardonic Malware to Attack Financial Institutions

Information of companies and their staff published on the dark web makes financial companies and their employees a primary target of cybercriminals. Recently, cybersecurity...

Over 13 Mn Malware Attacks Targeted at Linux Servers in H1 2021: Trend Micro

The Linux operating system is famous for its flexibility and open-source nature. It also powers many cloud infrastructures. However, the popularity of Linux grew...
BazaCall BazaLoader

Alert! Fraudulent Call Centers Tricking Users to Download BazaLoader Malware

Microsoft 365 Defender Threat Intelligence Team uncovered an ongoing malware campaign tricking victims into downloading malware on the targeted systems. The campaign, dubbed as...
New Programming Language

Attackers Found Using Programming Languages to Create New Malware Variants

The rising sophistication observed in recent cyberattacks confirms that cybercriminals are constantly enhancing their computer skills and hacking techniques. According to research from BlackBerry,...
WhisperGate malware campaign, Flagpro malware, MosaicLoader Malware, drinik

New ‘MosaicLoader’ Malware Targets Users Downloading Cracked Software

Adversaries often target users with various phishing tactics. But sometimes, unwitting users fall into a hacker’s trap, revealing their private data to attackers. Cybersecurity...
Malware and Vulnerability Trends Report, Mobile malware threats

Mobile Malware – A Persistent Threat Targeting COVID Vaccines and Banking Activities

In addition to high-profile ransomware attacks on various industry vectors, cyberattacks on mobile devices surged during the pandemic. When employees across the globe were...
WhisperGate malware campaign, Flagpro malware, MosaicLoader Malware, drinik

Microsoft Inadvertently Signed Netfilter Loaded with Rootkit Malware

Cyberattacks continue to evolve as threat actors often find or create new hacking methods to break into targeted organizational networks. Recently, Microsoft stated that unknown...
Chinese actors target telecom

Researchers Uncover Four New Malware Tools Designed to Exploit Pulse Secure VPNs

Unpatched security flaws always cause a potential threat to organizations. Cybercriminals often target unpatched vulnerabilities to gain access to victims’ data and networks. Recently,...