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return to office

Beware of the Return to Office: How Organizations Can Protect Against Pandemic Sleeper Threats

As organizations get closer to implementing return-to-work plans, most employees are excited about getting back into an office routine. They miss their colleagues, their...
initial access brokers

Initial Access Brokers Are Breaking Into Corporate Networks and Selling Access to Bad Actors

Recent research "Digital Shadows" lifts the cover on Initial Access Brokers (IABs), a fast-growing new class of cybercriminals who breach organizations, and then sell...
Tesla avoids cyberattack, tesla zero-click vulnerabilities

Tesla’s Zero-click Vulnerabilities Allowed its Car to be Hacked Remotely Using Drones

If you own a Tesla car and see a drone hovering around your parking lot, be super aware! Someone might be trying to gain...
Ritesh Chopra

Mobile Side of Technology Adoption Still Continues to Present a Challenge

India has transformed into a mobile-first economy. The ease of accessibility and cheaper data make these a primary source of entertainment. Given the transition...
Cybersecurity and Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems(sUAS) or Drones

Cybersecurity Considerations with the Increasing Uses of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) or Drones

The effort to produce this information resource results from a collaborative effort between the Bergen County Technical Schools (high school), through the advisor Andrea...
Malware and Vulnerability Trends Report, Mobile malware threats

97% of Organizations Suffered a Mobile Malware Attack in 2020

The number of threats that our mobile devices encounter increases every year and the risks from mobile malware has a large share in it....

“Zero Trust is overhyped because vendors are overusing it”

Jon Green is VP and Chief Security Technologist at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company. He is responsible for providing technology guidance and leadership...
Doxing attacks

How to Know if You’re Being Stalked by Stalkerware

At a time when everyone is more connected than ever, cybercriminals too have become more active looking for ways to turn an adverse situation...
Senior citizens data

Tech Tip: How to Avoid Online Scams

Online scams are getting sophisticated as cybercriminals are using advanced techniques and tools. Stay alert to stop scamming attempts and protect your data or...
Data leak

Adorcam App Leaks Millions of User Records via ElasticSearch Database

ElasticSearch has been in the news for a very long time now. And mostly for all the wrong reasons. Yet again, an unsecured ElasticSearch...