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JVCKenwood, LockFile ransomware, ransomware attacks in India

New Ransomware LockFile Targets Victims with Intermittent Encryption Technique

A new ransomware variant has been making the rounds in the cyberthreat landscape. Security experts from Sophos uncovered new ransomware dubbed LockFile targeting victims...
Chinese actors target telecom

After Power Sector, Chinese Threat Actors Prey on Telcos in Southeast Asia

Threat actors often target high-profile organizations in critical sectors to spread their attack vector to a larger extent. From power plants to food processing...
Brute-force attacks

Russia-based APT28 Linked to Mass Brute-force Attacks Against Cloud Networks

State-sponsored actors from Russia have a long history of cyberattacks across the world. There are numerous cyberespionage campaigns linked to Russian hackers. Recently, the...
American Cybersecurity Literacy Act

Rep. Veasey and Others Introduce American Cybersecurity Literacy Act to Mitigate Cyber Risks

Improving cybersecurity awareness among individuals could eventually help mitigate cyber risks. And educating users on different kinds of cyberattacks will make them act accordingly...
U.S.-Russia Summit

U.S.-Russia Summit: Biden Tells Putin “Critical Infrastructure Should Be Off-limits” to Cyberattacks

Cyber intrusions have existed for decades. They still do, however, much of the cyber espionage today comes from geopolitically-inclined state actors, impacting both governments...
Cyber Espionage Campaign Naikon APT

New Cyber Espionage Group ‘BackdoorDiplomacy’ Found Targeting Diplomats and Telcos in Africa and ME

Cybercriminals often leverage sophisticated deceptive techniques to evade detection from federal agencies. Many international cyberespionage campaigns were uncovered after they exploited the target or...
French Regulator Fined Google

French Regulator Fines Google €220 Mn for Unfair Advertising Practices

The enactment of GDPR has had a far-reaching impact on businesses of all kinds across the globe. However, GDPR compliance has made life more...
Biden signs executive order for cybersecurity

Joe Biden Strengthens U.S. Cyber Defenses by Signing an Executive Order

The U.S. has been under cyberattacks for over a year now. It started with a persistent SolarWinds attack, which was discovered in December 2020...
Lemon Duck

Lemon Duck Botnet Quacks Again with New TTPs

It is a common practice for cybercriminal groups to slow down for a while or announce a shutdown of operations to only come back...
HP Device Manager Susceptible to Dictionary Attacks

Emergency Directive! CISA Warns About Ivanti Pulse Connect Secure Vulnerabilities

Software programs often have flaws/vulnerabilities, which are often exploited by cybercriminals to gain access to victims’ data. Recently, federal agencies have been ordered to...