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Ransomware attacks, ransomware

Ransomware Attacks Continue to Impact Digital and Security Transformation

A recent survey from CrowdStrike highlighted the continued spread of ransomware and the need for acceleration of both digital and security transformation. In its...
Ryuk ransomware targeting hospitals

A Tsunami of Ryuk Ransomware Attacks Hits U.S. Hospitals

The latest string of Ryuk ransomware attacks on multiple U.S. hospitals is a cold reminder of a similar methodology implied by WannaCry operators back...
Ransomware attacks, ransomware

Ransomware Attacks Continue to Loom Over Cyberspace

A report from global investigations firm Kroll revealed that ransomware attacks were the most observed security threats in 2020, accounting to one-third of all...
Ransomware attacks, ransomware

Ransomware Attacks: The Major Cause of Cyber Insurance Claims in H1 2020

A report published by Coalition, a provider of cyber insurance services in North America, revealed that ransomware incidents accounted to 41% of cyber insurance...
Shipping cybersecurity, carnival cruise line

Jack Daniel’s and Carnival Cruise Land “On the Rocks” with Ransomware Attacks

Over the past weekend, two incidents of ransomware attacks – one on alcoholic beverages giant Brown-Forman, which owns renowned brands like Jack Daniel’s, Finlandia...
LockBit Ransomware

121.4 Million Ransomware Attacks Recorded in the First Half of 2020

A  survey from cybersecurity firm SonicWall revealed that the opportunistic use of COVID-19 pandemic by cybercriminals has resulted in the rise of ransomware and...
Building Pro-Active Security Hygiene Helps in Preventing Ransomware Attacks: Microsoft

Building Pro-Active Security Hygiene Helps in Preventing Ransomware Attacks: Microsoft

Threat actors have reinvented their attack approaches during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Several new cybersecurity scams and ransomware activities have risen during the pandemic....
Hive Ransomware

45% of Employees Don’t Know How to Respond to Ransomware Attacks: Research

A new research from Kaspersky revealed employees’ perceptions and readiness towards ransomware attacks. According to the research, employees across various business organizations of all...
Japan restricts foreign equipment and tech, Japan Embraces AI Tools to Fight Cyberattacks with US$237 mn Investment

Increasing Ransomware Attacks on Japan Impacts its State of Cyber-Readiness: Study

A study of 60 countries reveals that Japan is in the top five most cyber-secure country. However, increasing mobile and computer ransomware attacks targeted...
Hive Ransomware

Trend Micro Reports 10% Increase in Ransomware Attacks in 2019

Cybersecurity firm Trend Micro stated that it found 10% increase in ransomware detections, despite a 57% decrease in the number of new ransomware families....