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Credential stuffing attacks

What are Credential Stuffing Attacks and How to Prevent Them

Thwarting cyberattacks has become highly complicated today. Unauthorized intrusions have seen a surge despite security measures implemented by internet users and corporates to safeguard...
Ransomware gangs

This is How Ransomware Gangs Select their Victims

Not all ransomware gangs break into targeted networks. They often purchase access to victims’ networks from other cybercriminal groups and initial access brokers (IABs)...
Sardonic, BitMart

FIN8 Hackers Found Using Sardonic Malware to Attack Financial Institutions

Information of companies and their staff published on the dark web makes financial companies and their employees a primary target of cybercriminals. Recently, cybersecurity...
Hive Ransomware

FBI Raises Red Alert About Hive Ransomware Group

Authorities from the FBI are warning about a new ransomware group, tracked as Hive, which was behind the recent attacks on multiple health care...
Credit Card Data

How to Protect Your Credit Card Data Online

Sensitive financial data remains a primary target for cybercriminals. Adversaries often target sensitive financial data such as credit/debit card numbers, CVV, and other bank...
BlackMatter ransomware

Rags to Riches! The Evolution of Ransomware Operators

Detecting and preventing ransomware attacks have become the primary goal for most organizations. The cybersecurity community across the globe is severely concerned about the...
CEO, cybersecurity, CISO, Future of the CISO

4 Immediate Measures to Execute After a Cyberattack

Whether it is a global pandemic or the new normal, cybercriminals always find ways to target organizations and individuals for valuable digital assets. Most...
personal data collection, Personal data. Data Privacy

Preach and Practice Data Privacy Every Day

The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) continues to raise awareness on the significance of data security and privacy with its annual Data Privacy Day,...
Ransomware attacks, ransomware, Sinclair Broadcast group

Ransomware Attacks in 2020! These are 4 Most Affected Sectors

From a local food retailer to a multi-national company, ransomware attacks continue to loom over cyberspace. Ransomware operators target victims by encrypting their sensitive...
Avaddon ransomware, Microsoft and Fortinet flaws, apt

Watch Out for These Three Cyberthreats in 2021

The unexpected crisis in 2020 impacted almost every business globally. The turmoil resulted in several changes in the traditional business operation models. Even cybercriminals...