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Ukrainian President signs law on cyber security

Ukraine is sprucing its cybersecurity forte by mandating several basic principles for ensuring a secure cyber haven in the country. President Petro Poroshenko has...

Wells Fargo discovers 1.4 million additional fake accounts

A company investigation by Wells Fargo revealed that 1.4 million fake accounts may have been created by its employees. The accounts, created between January...
Businesses in U.K. Become More Resilient to Cyberattacks: Report

UK infrastructure not meeting basic cybersecurity standards, survey reveals

Corero Network Security, a company that provides DDoS & Network Security Solutions, recently sent Freedom of Information requests to a number of United Kingdom...
global data security initiative

Keep records of people posting online comments, Chinese govt. tells companies

In a major blow against privacy and continuing the crackdown against free speech on the internet, the Chinese government has instructed companies to keep...

Five Steps to Mitigate Cyber Crime Risks

The need for constant countermeasures against hackers focused on committing cyber crimes is simply a fact of modern business operations. The recent WannaCry malware...
EU Joint Cyber Unit

Looming shortage of cyber security staff in Europe

It is feared that Europe may be facing a serious shortage of information security technicians as soon as 2022. This at a time when...
Chinese actors target telecom

New Cyber Security Laws Implemented in China

China — in an attempt to counteract cyber warfare and data breaches — implemented a contentious new law that allegedly imposes strict requirements on...