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Editorial Calendar 2021

 MONTH  TOPIC  Issue Deadline  Publishing Date
 January  Cybersecurity Outlook/Predictions and Trends 2021  December 15, 2020  January 05, 2021
 February  The State of Ransomware  January 15, 2021  February 05, 2021
 March  Women in Cybersecurity   February 15, 2021  March 05, 2021
 April  Cybersecurity in the Post-Pandemic World   March 15, 2021  April 05, 2021
 May  Market Research Report - Network Security   April 15, 2021  May 05, 2021
 June  APT/State-sponsored Attacks/Cyber Espionage  May 15, 2021 June 05, 2021
 July  Editor's Special: Top 20 Cybersecurity Influencers   June 15, 2021  July 05, 2021
 August  New Frontiers in Cybercrime   July 15, 2021  August 05, 2021
 September  Cybersecurity Training, Skills, and Certification (Academia)   August 15, 2021  September 05, 2021
 October  Market Trends Report- Cloud Security   September 15, 2021  October 05, 2021
 November  Cyber Risk Insurance   October 15, 2021  November 05, 2021
 December  YEAR END ROUNDUP + Cybersecurity Person of the Year   November 15, 2021  December 05, 2021
Disclaimer: Some topics may change during the year to align with market feedback and changing trends. Bookmark this page

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