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Healthcare Data Breaches, Premier Diagnostics data exposed

Unsecured Server Exposes PII of 50,000 Patients in Utah

A Utah-based COVID-19 testing service, Premier Diagnostics, accidentally exposed the personally identifiable information (PII) belonging to 50,000 patients through an unsecured server. The exposé...
Data breach in 100 U.S. cities

Over 6,700 VMware Servers Vulnerable to Takeover Attacks

Cybersecurity researchers from threat intelligence firm Bad Packets revealed that enterprise software provider VMware’s 6,700 servers are exposed online and vulnerable to cyberattacks. Threat actors...
Cyberattack on Ireland's Health care

45 Mn Unique Medical Images Exposed Online via Unprotected Servers

Cybersecurity researchers from CybelAngel, a provider of digital risk protection services, uncovered a massive data leak incident that exposed millions of medical-related sensitive images,...
Ransomware attacks, LockBit Ransomware

PLEASE_READ_ME: A Malwareless Ransomware Targeting MySQL Servers

Security experts found a new “PLEASE_READ_ME” ransomware campaign distributed from the U.K.-based IP addresses targeting unsecured MySQL servers online. According to the researchers from...
Data breach in 100 U.S. cities

Microsoft’s Unsecured Bing Mobile App Exposes 6.5TB of Users’ Data

Microsoft’s Bing mobile app exposed users’ sensitive information through an unsecured Elastic server. According to researchers at WizCase, the misconfigured server leaked Bing’s mobile...
Zyxel Devices Vulnerable to Secret Backdoor

Digital Point’s Unsecured Database Exposed Records of Over 800,000 Users

An unprotected database belonging to a webmaster forum, Digital Point, exposed more than 800,000 users’ records. Security firm WebsitePlanet and security researcher Jeremiah Fowler...
Zyxel Devices Vulnerable to Secret Backdoor

Hacker Infiltrates 22,900 Unsecured MongoDB Databases to Demand Ransom

An unknown hacker took control of over 22,900 unsecured MongoDB databases that were left online without password protection, a number that accounts for roughly47%...
cyberattacks on U.S. and U.K., Barnes & Noble cyberattack, zero trust

Cybercriminals Attacked Unsecured Databases 18 Times Per Day

Every minute is an opportunity for threat actors when they found a server left online unsecured. A latest security experiment by Comparitech led by...
ransomware, fonix, fonix ransomware, Cybereason Partners with Intel for Hardware-Enabled Ransomware Prevention, Kronos

Finastra Hit by Ransomware Attack, Shuts Down Servers

Finastra, a fintech firm that provides technology solutions to banks globally, announced that it shut down its key systems due to a security breach...
DEO data breach

Unsecured Database leaks Honda Employees’ Personal Data

Global automobile manufacturer Honda Motor Company recently suffered a data breach after a leaky database exposed its employees’ sensitive information online.   According to a security researcher Justin Paine, who discovered and reported...