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U.S. DoJ Gives Ransomware Attacks Same Priority as Terrorist Attacks

Ransomware attacks have become the talk of the town globally after cybercriminals caused severe damage to the country by disrupting operations of Colonial Pipeline...
Ransomware, supply chain and ransomware

5 in 10 Ransomware Attacks in 2020 Occurred in the U.S.

Organizations in the U.S. witnessed a greater number of ransomware attacks than any other country, research from security firm BlackFog revealed. According to the...
Ryuk ransomware targeting hospitals

A Tsunami of Ryuk Ransomware Attacks Hits U.S. Hospitals

The latest string of Ryuk ransomware attacks on multiple U.S. hospitals is a cold reminder of a similar methodology implied by WannaCry operators back...
Ransomware attacks, ransomware, Sinclair Broadcast group

Ransomware Attacks and Data Breaches on U.S. Schools and Colleges Triple in 2019

According to a report from the K-12 Cybersecurity Resource Center, the K-12 public school districts and education agencies across the U.S. suffered a total...
BadUSB attack

FBI Warns About Hackers Targeting U.S. Organizations in BadUSB Attacks

The FBI is warning organizations in the U.S. about a new social-engineering attack from the infamous cybercriminal group FIN7. The group reportedly targeted the...
Shutterfly ransomware, Cuba ransomware

Ransomware Attack On Shutterfly Affects Its Network Operations

The U.S.-based photography company Shutterfly confirmed that it had sustained a ransomware attack affecting some of its services, making it the latest victim in...

Cryptojacking Attacks Rise As Hackers Try to Exploit Linux-based Machines

Researchers at Bitdefender Security recently discovered a Romanian-based threat intelligence group hacking Linux machines and targeting systems with weak Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) credentials. The...
Ransomware attacks, LockBit Ransomware

How PYSA and Lockbit are Dominating the Ransomware Landscape

The cybercriminal landscape increases quickly with various kinds of ransomware variants and attacks. The NCC group’s report states, the number of ransomware attacks reported...
Superior Plus, Saudi Aramco data breach

After Colonial, Gas Distributor Superior Plus Suffers Ransomware Attack

Cyberthreats continue to target organizations in critical infrastructure sectors, causing severe damage to everyday routines. North American propane supplier Superior Plus is the latest...
ransomware, fonix, fonix ransomware, Cybereason Partners with Intel for Hardware-Enabled Ransomware Prevention, Kronos

Kronos Private Cloud Customers Impacted by a Ransomware Attack

The cybersecurity space is abuzz with service disruptions, stolen data, account hacks, scams, data breaches, and ransomware attacks. Some of these make headlines every...