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Ransomware Attacks, Graff ransomware attack

Ransomware: To Pay or Not to Pay?

In 2021, ransomware remains the most prominent malware threat with an attack occurring every 11 seconds. Total ransomware costs are projected to exceed $20...
DeadBolt, Shutterfly ransomware, Cuba ransomware

Researchers Found New Ransomware DeadBolt Targeting NAS Servers

Security experts from QNAP Systems uncovered a new ransomware variant actively targeting all Internet-connected Network-attached storage (NAS) devices. Tracked as DeadBolt, the ransomware reportedly...
Sardonic, BitMart

Bank Indonesia Suffers Ransomware Attack, Suspects Conti Involvement

Banks and financial institutions are always on a hacker’s target list. Cybercriminals recently targeted Bank Indonesia (BI), disrupting its operations temporarily. According to a...
JVCKenwood, LockFile ransomware, ransomware attacks in India, Suppress ransomware payment channels

Ransomware! Ransomware! Ransomware! The Problem of Blind Reductionism

Ransomware in a triad is the title of a recent cybersecurity article that caught my attention. The same repetitiveness can be found in aviation...
Ransomware Resilience Summit Series

Experts to Convene at Ransomware Resilience Summit Series

Ransomware attacks have surged 311% in the past year with a business now being attacked every 11 seconds. From crippling the Irish healthcare system...
Lapsus$ Impresa, Amedia data breach

Lapsus$ Ransomware Targets Media Firms in Portugal

A few days into 2022, ransomware operators have already started targeting organizations with various extortion schemes. Security experts were alarmed about a novel ransomware...
DeadBolt, Shutterfly ransomware, Cuba ransomware

Ransomware Attack On Shutterfly Affects Its Network Operations

The U.S.-based photography company Shutterfly confirmed that it had sustained a ransomware attack affecting some of its services, making it the latest victim in...
Ransomware Attacks, Graff ransomware attack

LockBit 2.0, Conti, BlackMatter and Hive Contribute to 60% of Ransomware Attacks

Despite constant cybersecurity awareness and law enforcement actions, ransomware operators continue to evolve their hacking techniques to deploy file-encrypting malware, causing damages to targeted...
Ransomware attacks, LockBit Ransomware

How PYSA and Lockbit are Dominating the Ransomware Landscape

The cybercriminal landscape increases quickly with various kinds of ransomware variants and attacks. The NCC group’s report states, the number of ransomware attacks reported...

Conti Ransomware Group Exploits Log4j Flaw to Compromise VMware Servers

While organizations and security admins worldwide are immersed in mitigating the Log4j vulnerability effects, new exploits are being weaponized to entice more fear. Recently,...