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SolarWinds Microsoft

Chinese Hacking Group ‘DEV 0322’ Exploits SolarWinds Serv-U Software: Microsoft

The infamous SolarWinds attacks have left a severe impact on the cybersecurity landscape. While organizations are still recovering from its consequences, Microsoft recently warned...
Microsoft PrintNightmare

Microsoft Raises Red Flag About Windows Print Spooler Vulnerability ‘PrintNightmare’

Despite regular security audits, several enterprises continue to suffer zero-day attacks more often. Unpatched vulnerabilities can give nightmares to organizations and allow a remote...

NOBELIUM Group Targeted a Customer Care Agent at Microsoft

It’s a daily routine for the cybersecurity community to encounter new kinds of cyberthreats from old perpetrators. Recently, the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC)...
MosaicLoader Malware

Microsoft Inadvertently Signed Netfilter Loaded with Rootkit Malware

Cyberattacks continue to evolve as threat actors often find or create new hacking methods to break into targeted organizational networks. Recently, Microsoft stated that unknown...
South Korea's PIPC imposes fine

South Korea’s PIPC Imposes Fines on Microsoft and Five Others Over Data Compliance Issues

South Korea has been known for making huge strides in technological advancements. With companies like Hyundai, LG, and Samsung being the flag bearers, it...
Zero-Day Vulnerability

Patch Now! Researchers Find Zero-Day Flaws in Google and Microsoft

The risks from cybercriminals exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities have become a continuous threat for organizations, globally. Recently, security experts from Kaspersky found a zero-day vulnerability...

FBI Removes Malicious Web Shells from Microsoft Exchange Servers

The FBI executed a court-authorized operation to copy and delete malicious web shells from hundreds of vulnerable systems in the U.S. that were running...
Microsoft PrintNightmare

NSA Alerts About Four Critical Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Servers

The National Security Agency (NSA) informed Microsoft about four critical vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers to compromise Microsoft Exchange Servers remotely. The...
flaws in SonicWall SRA SMA

After Hafnium, DearCry Ransomware Targets Microsoft Exchange Servers

The Microsoft Exchange attacks are taking new twists day by day. In just days, the threat escalated from limited state-sponsored attacks to numerous targeted...
flaws in SonicWall SRA SMA

Chinese Hacking Group “Hafnium” Exploiting Microsoft’s Email Software Server

Security incidents where cybercriminals exploit critical vulnerabilities of Microsoft products have become rampant in recent times. Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) recently identified a...