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APT31 threat group

Magecart’s New Evasive Technique Hides Stolen Credit Card Data into Images

Cybercriminal group, Magecart, is infamously known for evolving its attack techniques to evade security detection.  Magecart consists of multiple subgroups that target e-commerce sites...
APT31 threat group

Magecart Group 12 Found Deploying PHP Web Shells to Skim Users’ Payment Information

Malicious web shells have been wreaking havoc by enabling remote access, executing arbitrary commands, and controlling servers. It’s a technique mostly used by Magecart...
e-skimming attacks , Chinese e-commerce scammers

Under Attack! 2000 Magento Stores Hacked in a Magecart Campaign

Security pros from cybersecurity firm Sansec discovered a massive Magecart campaign in which over 2000 Magento online stores were hacked. Magento is an e-commerce...
e-skimming attacks , Chinese e-commerce scammers

Infamous Magecart Attack Hits Government Websites of 8 U.S. Cities

Security researchers from Trend Micro revealed that threat actors compromised government websites of eight U.S. cities across three states through Magecart card skimming attack....
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Magecart Payment Card Skimmers Infect Intersport and Claire’s Online Store

Online shops of retail giants Intersport and Claire’s have been found to be infected with Magecart’s payment card skimmers. These web skimmers are ideally...
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Magecart Hackers Strike Again! Compromise 19 E-Commerce Websites

Cybersecurity researchers from threat intelligence firm RiskIQ uncovered a new Magecart campaign dubbed as “Magecart Group 7” that compromised over 19 e-commerce websites to...
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Magecart Hacking Group Arrested in Indonesia

Indonesian Police and Interpol recently arrested three men who belong to Magecart hacking group for involvement in Magecart attacks. The police officials stated that...
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Australia’s Bushfire Donation Website Hit by MageCart

Australia has been very much in the news for the huge losses caused by bushfires to humans and wildlife alike. In order to help...
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Macy’s Hit by Magecart Card-Skimming Attack

Macy's, an American department store chain, stated that its customers have been hit by an attack that affected countless numbers of credit cards. The...
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Magecart Attacks are now on FBI’s Radar

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently issued a warning for public and private enterprises in the United States about Magecart attacks, also called...