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Data Privacy Week 2022

What the Cybersecurity Leaders Are Saying About Data Privacy

Security intrusions and data breaches continue to be severe concerns for organizations and users’ data privacy. Despite constant cybersecurity awareness campaigns, several people still...
Data Privacy Week

Data Privacy Week: The 3 Ps Vital to Enhancing Your Online Data Privacy

With cybersecurity awareness being a primary topic for security leaders, Data Privacy Week (January 24-28) is a good time to reflect on the importance of data...
Data Breach at CDSL

CDSL Data Breach Exposes Sensitive Details of 44 Mn Indian Investors

India’s popular securities depository services provider - the Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL) - is making headlines for an alleged data breach at its...
data breach

Suffered a Data Breach? Here’s the Immediate Action Plan

Sensitive information is like money to cybercriminals. Attackers leverage personally identifiable information (PII) exposed in data breaches to launch various cyberattacks or trade it...
France Fines Facebook and Google,Russia fines Google, Meta heavily New York City Law Department Hit by a Cyberattack

4 Times Data Regulators Slapped High Penalties in 2020

Apart from information leaks and reputation damage, data breaches cause a huge financial impact on organizations globally. Ever since the General Data Protection Regulation...
From Data Breach to Darknet

From Data Leak to Dark Web: What Happens to Your Stolen Credit Card Data?

There might be various cybercriminal activities operating online, but stealing users’ sensitive information and peddling it on darknet markets is the primary activity for...
Financial Sector

CISO MAG Rewind: Biggest Financial Data Breaches of 2019

By Rudra Srinivas The Banking and Financial sectors were hit with a constant stream of cyber-attacks when compared to other sectors. According to Intsights Q1...

6 Times Data Regulators Churned Out High Penalties in 2019

By Rudra Srinivas Data breaches and security incidents are becoming increasingly expensive. The risk of data breaches got higher after introducing the European Union’s General...
Nik Whitfield

“Big data analytics as a cyber discipline is in its infancy”

Nik Whitfield is the founder and CEO at Panaseer, the creator of a platform that automates the breadth and depth of visibility required to...
Insider threat

Six massive insider breaches in the last five years

By Rudra Srinivas Insider threat is a primary concern for every information security leader. Several organizations are seen spending massive resources to keep the bad...