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digital forensics, cyber forensics, forensics

How Digital Forensics Complements Cybersecurity

Analyzing pieces of evidence found in a digital device is a laborious task. The challenges of which are further augmented by the ever-changing methods...

Top Cybersecurity Rule: Don’t Put Your Business at Risk

No company wants to put its business at risk. Indeed, we all strive for success, while continually trying to mitigate risk. The key to...
Cybersecurity, CEO, CISO

How much does a CEO or business leader need to know about cybersecurity?

The magnitude and severity of growing incidents of cybercrime is a huge cause of concern for businesses around the globe. Business leaders and CEOs...
cybersecurity pressure

Cybersecurity: Under Pressure!

If you work in a cybersecurity team, you will be under much pressure these days. According to the latest industry reports, the ongoing pandemic...

ENISA Releases Cybersecurity Guide to Secure SMEs

The global pandemic led to swift digitization that eventually opened doors to several security issues. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the situation by exploiting...
cybersecurity practices, Automotive Cybersecurity

Why Automotive Cybersecurity is Crucial for the Future

Connected technologies are helping transform vehicles from a mode of transportation to mobile living spaces. Technologies like navigation, GPS, connected infotainment, among others., have...
American Cybersecurity Literacy Act

Rep. Veasey and Others Introduce American Cybersecurity Literacy Act to Mitigate Cyber Risks

Improving cybersecurity awareness among individuals could eventually help mitigate cyber risks. And educating users on different kinds of cyberattacks will make them act accordingly...
Career Changers, software developers in cybersecurity

What are the Opportunities for Software Developers in Cybersecurity?

In the first article in this brand-new series, titled, Career Changers, CISO MAG reached out to software developers and DevSecOps specialists. For this article,...

Attention Gamers! Your Cybersecurity Score Matters

Cybercriminals and ransomware operators often play with their hacking skills, targeting victims for sensitive information. Despite enhanced security measures, threat actors targeted all sectors...
EU Joint Cyber Unit

EU Proposes a Joint Cyber Unit to Boost Cybersecurity Readiness

New threat vectors are emerging every day and it’s a challenge for organizations to tackle them with basic cybersecurity measures. Governments and organizations across...