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Chinese actors target telecom

After Power Sector, Chinese Threat Actors Prey on Telcos in Southeast Asia

Threat actors often target high-profile organizations in critical sectors to spread their attack vector to a larger extent. From power plants to food processing...
SolarWinds Microsoft

Chinese Hacking Group ‘DEV 0322’ Exploits SolarWinds Serv-U Software: Microsoft

The infamous SolarWinds attacks have left a severe impact on the cybersecurity landscape. While organizations are still recovering from its consequences, Microsoft recently warned...
Chinese actors target telecom

RedFoxtrot Group Linked to Chinese PLA Unit 69010 Targets Indian Organizations

Cyberespionage campaigns by Chinese state-sponsored actors disrupted operations of several organizations globally. After targeting Indian organizations in the power sector earlier this year (RedEcho),...
Exploit of Big Data

Chinese State-Actors Exploit Big Data for Financial Benefit

No doubt Big Data is helping organizations globally in growing their businesses at an unprecedented rate. It offers rich insights for decision-making and strategic...
Chinese actors target telecom

Chinese State-sponsored Cybercriminals Got an “Evil Eye” on Uyghur Community

Threat intelligence analysts from Facebook disrupted cyber espionage campaigns by Chinese state-sponsored cybercriminal groups. Tracked as “Earth Empusa” or “Evil Eye,” the criminal group is allegedly...
Malware and Vulnerability Trends Report, Mobile malware threats

New Chinese Malware “CopperStealer” Thieving Credentials Saved by Browsers

Cybersecurity researchers discovered a new malware making rounds online via fake software sites that targeted popular service providers like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Amazon, and...
Chinese actors target telecom

Operation Diànxùn: Chinese Cyber Espionage Campaign Targeting 5G Operators

Cybersecurity experts discovered a cyber espionage campaign targeting telecom operators globally to steal sensitive information. According to McAfee’s Advanced Threat Research (ATR) team, the...
flaws in SonicWall SRA SMA

Chinese Hacking Group “Hafnium” Exploiting Microsoft’s Email Software Server

Security incidents where cybercriminals exploit critical vulnerabilities of Microsoft products have become rampant in recent times. Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) recently identified a...
Cyber-Security-Threat-to-National-Power-Grids, Recorded Future

Chinese Hacking Group “RedEcho” Targets Indian Power Sector

Relations between India and China have worsened after troops from both sides engaged in a skirmish in May 2020. While diplomacy factors have thwarted...
Chinese actors target telecom

Is Clubhouse App Leaking Users’ Sensitive Data to Chinese Govt?

It seems like Clubhouse, a popular invite-only audio chat app, ran into serious pressure after researchers from Stanford University warned that the app is...