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NCSC, NCSA, Dustman

Explainers: 4 Common Attack Vectors You Need to Know

Online adversaries always advance their hacking techniques to enhance their attack vectors. Cybercriminal groups focus on different kinds of cyberthreats such as data breaches,...
World backup Day

Pledge to Backup Your Data This World Backup Day

Information is new money in this modern digital world. Everything revolves around information, and it has become the fuel for many businesses. For instance,...
password security feature

Everything You Need to Know About Dictionary Attacks

Cybercriminals leverage several ways to illicitly obtain users’ login credentials and break into their systems. At the same time, poor password practices of users...
vulnerability in Agora’s SDK

Explainers: How to Know if You’re Being Stalked by Stalkerware

At a time when everyone is more connected than ever, cybercriminals too have become more active looking for ways to turn an adverse situation...
Irish Data Regulator Fines Twitter $547K for 2019 Data Breach, the twitter data breach, the twitter hack

How to Report and Regain Access to Your Hacked Twitter Account

Twitter was in the news last year when accounts of celebrities got hacked, and their accounts were taken over. Scammers targeted nearly 130 Twitter accounts of...
Personal data. Data Privacy

Preach and Practice Data Privacy Every Day

The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) continues to raise awareness on the significance of data security and privacy with its annual Data Privacy Day,...
Phishing Campaign on FINRA

Five Phishing Baits You Need to Know [INFOGRAPHIC]

Protecting sensitive information from threat actors is a concern for both individuals and organizations. Despite their continuous efforts to secure digital assets, cybercriminals are...
Mobile Apps Security

How to Secure Your Mobile Apps

Despite multiple security scans, malicious applications make their way into your mobile devices. Most of these unsecured or malicious apps come with several security...
Healthcare Data Breaches, Premier Diagnostics data exposed

How Cyberattacks Cause Severe Hazards to Health Care Industry

Cyberattacks on health care organizations have become rampant in 2020. With multiple data breaches and ransomware attacks, the health care providers continued to be...
Insider Threats in 2020, Insider Breaches, Insider Threats,

Insider Threats: A Byproduct of the New Normal

Despite the continuous security improvements, the concern over insider threats seems to be growing for organizations globally. The new distributed working conditions have also...