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Phishing email

How To Find a Phishing Email [INFOGRAPHIC]

Protecting personal information from adversaries has become a challenge for both individuals and organizations. Cybercriminals are leveraging advanced phishing and social-engineering techniques to trick...
Credential stuffing attacks

What are Credential Stuffing Attacks and How to Prevent Them

Thwarting cyberattacks has become highly complicated today. Unauthorized intrusions have seen a surge despite security measures implemented by internet users and corporates to safeguard...
sniffing attacks

What Are Sniffing Attacks and How to Defend Against Them

Sniffing attacks are gaining prominence among cybercriminals today to steal customer data and compromise network security. Sniffing attacks, a significant security risk, enable common...
Altering certified PDF Documents, FIN7 Hackers

After FIN8, Researchers Warn About FIN7 Hackers Exploiting Windows Docs

Attack vectors range from malicious attachments to weaponized PDFs.  These vectors have been continually evolving over the years. Recently, security experts from Anomali uncovered...
Ireland DPC fine on WhatsApp

Ireland Data Regulator Fines WhatsApp $266 Mn Over GDPR Violations

Days after suffering a malware attack, WhatsApp now faced a massive penalty from Ireland's Data Privacy Commissioner (DPC) with a €225 million ($266 million)...

FIN8 Hackers Found Using Sardonic Malware to Attack Financial Institutions

Information of companies and their staff published on the dark web makes financial companies and their employees a primary target of cybercriminals. Recently, cybersecurity...
data integrity, website, security

Is Your Website Hackable? Here Is How to Find Out

There are nearly two billion websites on the Internet. Security flaws in many of them are fertile soil for easy takeover. Analysts claim that...
Ransomware attacks, ransomware

Alert! Researchers Find New Ransomware Variant “Diavol”

Ransomware operators at times announce shutdown of their operations but continue with a new ransomware variant. Some attackers create new ransomware infusing capabilities from...
South Korea's PIPC imposes fine

South Korea’s PIPC Imposes Fines on Microsoft and Five Others Over Data Compliance Issues

South Korea has been known for making huge strides in technological advancements. With companies like Hyundai, LG, and Samsung being the flag bearers, it...
French Regulator Fined Google

French Regulator Fines Google €220 Mn for Unfair Advertising Practices

The enactment of GDPR has had a far-reaching impact on businesses of all kinds across the globe. However, GDPR compliance has made life more...